7. Lasko B20401 decorative box fan, 20 inches, black
Holmes, HBF2010A-WM 21-Inch by 4.5-Inch Box Fan
Lasko B20401 Dcor is a more useful factor to reduce the ambient temperature. It is ideal for several places like home, factory, office and is easy to use. The device measures 20 inches and is available in a slim profile and requires little space.

It is also made of rigid plastic and has a solid base to keep it solid, especially when it is working. The black fan produces a large air flow for rapid cooling and meets several requirements at three silent speeds. For ease of access and comfort, there is a control knob on the top and it is completely assembled for use.

6. Lasko Cool Colors cool with 20 box fan, Royal Blue Lasko

You do not need to keep the room cold. The Be Cool box fan allows you to enjoy the fresh air flow from the living room, the bedroom, the dining room, the study room and other places. Royal Blue devices are also suitable for offices, workplaces or holiday homes. It has 20 inches and is made of steel and plastic.

In addition, the device has three variable speeds that can handle a variety of needs and has controls mounted on the top for better operation. It measures 21.7 x 20.7 x 4.5 inches and occupies a minimum space. It is easy to carry items with a weight of 6.65 pounds.

5. Fans of the Hurricane Box - 20 inches | Classic series | ETL listed fan, white

The Hurricane Classic 20-inch box fans are ideal for workshops in homes, garages, greenhouses, offices and many other areas. The unit is made of plastic and steel to handle vibration and air flow. It has a 3-speed configuration to run smoothly thanks to the powerful engine and handle different personal preferences.

The 5-foot power cord also provides excellent coverage and is designed for 120V AC. It works soft and quiet, blows strong winds for proper cooling and weighs approximately 7 pounds. Its slim and light design makes transporting your fan easy.

4. Lasko 3720 20 inch time shield performance box fan

To maintain quality at a reasonable price, you should consider the Lasko 3720 box fan. The 20-inch unit comes in a separate design that is easy to install and use. Uses a patented and isolated Weather-Shield motor with Save-Smart design for greater energy efficiency.

In addition, the fan works silently and without problems, can be placed in the bedroom or elsewhere, and does not bother. You can place it near the floor, near the window, on the raised surface, and move smoothly around it. The robust plastic structure can withstand bumps, drops and wear, and its slim design saves space.

3. Fan-Tastic Vent 01100WH Endless Breeze - 12 Volt Fan

The Fan-Tastic Vent 01100WH airflow is perfect if you want instant airflow. This unit operates at 12 volts and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The length of the cable is 5 feet and it works with the cigarette plug of the car, the power adapter, the 12 V battery and other power supplies.

In addition, simple fans create instant airflow and have good coverage. It gives very good noise to the bedroom or other quiet environment. It is energy efficient and consumes 1.2 ~ 2.6A. The slim design saves space and increases portability with little weight.

2. Lasko 3723 20-inch premium box fan 3 SPEEDS

The Lasko 3723 fan is supplied fully assembled, and when plugged into a power outlet, it can receive a cool breeze. It has constantly maintained 3 speed settings to adapt to different requirements and a solid base. The 20-inch box-type fan is the simplest and easiest to operate. It works silently even at the fastest speeds and blows at the right distance.

The body is made of steel to ensure durability and the carrying handle improves portability. Choosing the function you want is as comfortable as pressing the controls mounted on the top. It is a patented safety cap for ETL lifting and additional safety.